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    Karabash Reservoir

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    • Karabash
    Karabashsky reservoir is located in the upper reaches of Zai just above the village Karabasz about 20 kilometers north of Bugulma in Tatarstan Zai little river flow and adjusted gіdrograf characterized by quite large floods in the spring and low... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Airport Bugulma

    Airport Bugulma inaugurated in 1937 is located seven kilometers from the city Operates regular flights to Europe Western and Eastern Siberia The airport operates on modern technologies the object is protected An on site café vip room hotel a... attractions, Parks and Gardens


    Lake Aktashskoe failure

    Aktashskoe failure lake located in Almetyevsk district in the Republic of Tatarstan According to official figures this karst lake the deepest in Tatarstan Measurements in 1966 recorded the greatest depth of 28 meters Aktashskoe failure occupies an... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Охота на Вальдшнепа

    Light and music fountain in Almetyevsk

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    • Nagornoe
    Svyatlomuzychny fountain located in the town park Borisov Songs that play with light effects fountain changing throughout the day The diameter of the bowl of the fountain is 15 meters the height of its jets up to 5 meters Water is pumped 15th pumps... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    City Park

    The total area of ​​the park in Almetyevsk is 16 hectares The decision to build was adopted on 28 March 1958 in 1975 there was a memorial Eternal Flame In the late 90s it was reconstructed and renovated in 2001 the park was reopened Two years later... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Bus station in Almetyevsk

    • /en/page/avtovokzal-v-almetevske
    • Nagornoe
    The building of the bus station in Almetyevsk appeared not so long ago a few years ago Was built modern building with a capacity of several hundred people The building's facade is decorated in the latest fashion tinted mirror glass Inside the bus... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Bridge lovers in Almetyevsk

    • /en/page/most-vlyublennyh-v-almetev ...
    • Nagornoe
    Bridge lovers Borisov - urban local landmark. It is a small cable-stayed bridge, located on the stage of urban ponds.The bridge is traditionally held the wedding, and young couples fix their love with the help of locks, which hung on the bridge.... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Avenue G. Tukai in Almetyevsk

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    • Nagornoe
    Prospect Gadbully Tukaya not always called In Soviet times the locals knew it as Karl Marx Street in honor of the famous philosopher In the 90 ies of XX century the name was changed Prospectus was named Tatar poet G Tukai By the way   his person... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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