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    Ascension Cathedral in Yelets

    Ascension Cathedral is located in the historic city The temple was erected in 1889 on the site of an ancient building ST Nicholas dates from the 1745 year Modern building Ascension Cathedral is a unique example of traditional architecture of the mid

    Clock Tower

    Today it is one of the main attractions of the city Elec The former water tower nowadays turned into a clock tower on which made check the time Chimes in the tower of the first killed in May 1975 Two years earlier on the water tower which served

    Vorgolkie rocks

    From the cliffs offer a surprisingly beautiful and picturesque views of the river valley and the surrounding forests and open spaces Climate and the air around Vargolskіmі reserve such that bloom here rare species of plants which are more common in

    Kurapovskaya dam

    Kurapovskaya dam on the beautiful swords was set in stone and rubble obtained during the construction of the local hydroelectric power It connects the two banks of the river because of what upstream soon formed a long channel reservoir The width of

    Signs of the Church of Our Lady in the village Veshalovka

    Church of Our Lady of the Sign in the village Veshalovka a warm stone temple consecrated in honor of the icon of Our Lady of the Sign The temple was built in 1768 The initiator and sponsor of all construction work began estate owner Guard Captain

    Federal highway M4 "Don"

    Federal highway M4 Don (also known as Novokashirskoe highway Novokashirka Rostovka) highway of federal importance the length of which is about 1544 kilometers The road crosses the Moscow Tula   Lipetsk Voronezh and Rostov regions Krasnodar Krai

    Znamensky Monastery

    Znamenskі diocesan Orthodox nunnery is Sloboda city street Elec Lipetsk region Belongs yaletska Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church The monastery was founded on the spot where once was the monastery of the Trinity Monastery which was founded at

    Stele "City of Military Glory" Yelets

    Stele City of Military Glory was opened in 2010 on Red Square neighborhood Elec Lipetsk region A symbol of military glory presented in the form of a monolithic granite vytachanaga column Top of the stele set gilded state emblem and on the pedestal

    Monument commemorating the 850th anniversary of the founding of the city of Yelets

    Monument commemorating the 850th anniversary of the founding of the city is Eltsa on Red Square It was installed in 1996 by the architect Shashin AA on the site where in 1931 was destroyed by the Old Cathedral of the Resurrection Sculpture on a plan

    Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Odoevschino

    Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Odoevschino Orthodox church is part of the Ryazan diocese was consecrated in honor of the feast of the Holy Virgin in the Orthodox faith In the common people the church has 2 more names Church of the
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