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    Assumption Monastery Vyshinsky

    It is believed that Vyshinsky Assumption Monastery was founded in XVI XVII centuries It is located 25 kilometers from the village Shatskaya pavyshaytse hence the name First monastery existed as a male Of sources can be seen that the monastery is not

    City Shack

    Shatsk city the regional center of Ryazan region with a population of six and a half thousand people The city is located 350 kilometers from Moscow and 160 kilometers from the regional center The history of the city dates back to the XVI century and

    Church of the Trinity

    Holy Trinity Church was built in 1773 in the city of Shatsky the merchant L Milovanova and is a three altar stone sooruzhenie Imeet several ordinary call Trinity Church Holy Trinity Church Svyatatroіtskaya church   The church was renovated in

    Ул.Конец Село Таптыково

    Заброшенный монастырь



    Троицкий собор

    Городской сад



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