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    Museum of watermelon

    The first museum was opened in watermelon Russia Kamyzyak city in 2006 Located on the territory of the field with melons to demonstrate to visitors as well as tasting In the museum you can see plaster casts of different varieties of watermelon learn... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Airport Astrakhan

    Astrakhan airport in former times was another name Narimanov Its history dates back to the airport in 1936 To date the airport was sentenced in class he has two runways Aeravakzaly and hotel The capacity of the airport terminals can cater up to 400... attractions, Galleries and Museums


    Sculpture "Goldfish" in Astrakhan

    Sculpture Goldfish in Astrakhan is one of the most amazing sights It is near the Palace of marriage For the general public sculpture was discovered relatively recently but immediately gained immense  popular among foreign tourists and locals... attractions, Cultural objects

    Жо Жо Хауз

    Astrakhan State Medical Academy

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    Astrakhan State Medical Academy was founded in 1918 and at that time was the medical faculty of the University of Astrakhan Currently it is the oldest institution of higher education in Astrakhan In 1922 the Medical Faculty became an independent... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Caucasian Mosque

    Caucasian Mosque was built in the late XIX century She then became a Tatar mullah Feyzulla Fethullin In 1935 Astrakhan city council decided to close the mosque and soon this building passed the House Health Education Muslims this building was given... attractions, Cultural objects

    Cyril chapel

    Cyril chapel was erected near the Trinity Monastery on the grave of St Cyril abbot who built the first Orthodox monastery in Astrakhan The facility is a small temple without an altar First Cyril was buried in the monastery without the chapel over... attractions, Cultural objects

    Dormition Abbey

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    In the southern outpost of Russia at the end of the XIV century built the first wooden chapel Latin Once at the beginning of the XVIII century was built a majestic Catholic church in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary It was the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Kirov Street in Astrakhan

    Kirov Street in Astrakhan this is one of the oldest and most beautiful streets of Astrakhan It was built a long time ago The name of the street was in 1938 Over time the street is becoming increasingly popular and it lived the local nobility For... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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