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    Доволенский районный суд


    Bitter Lake

    Bitter Lake is in Krasnozerskoe district of Novosibirsk region The area is famous for its salt lakes and health resorts and spas Bitter Lake is the ultimate area of ​​migration of mineral salts which are made by groundwater respectively increases

    Small lake Topolnoe

    Topolnoe small lake located in the Burlin district of the Altai Territory in the north east from the Great Lakes Topolnaya The area of ​​the lake is 13 2 square kilometers the depth of about 3 8 meters Into the lake river raged To the south of the

    Зоопарк В Подсосново

    Домик намба уан


    Администрация Краснозерского Района

    Чисто поле

    Small lake Yarovoye

    Yaravoe small lake one of the placer salt lakes of the Altai Territory It is small in size and has an almost regular geometric shape The lake lies in the wilderness and how to penetrate deep basin flat plowed ravines empty space Lake shore mostly

    Kuchukskoe Lake

    The lake is located in the Annunciation Kuchukskoe area of ​​the Altai Territory on Kulunda plain The width of this rather large reservoir is 12 kilometers length 19 kilometers This unique lake water contains large amounts of various salts   so

    Kulundinskaya plain

    Kulundinskaya plain or Kulundinskaya steppe located in the southern part of Western Siberia in the Altai Territory and Paўladarskay region of Kazakhstan Plain area is approximately 100 000 square kilometers For the plain fact fluctuations in height
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