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    Lake Peipsi

    The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Lake Peipsi the battle of Alexander Nevsky with the Livonian Order in 1242 or the so called Battle of the Ice However this freshwaters of course a lot of other very interesting facts It is the

    University of Tartu

    Tartu University one of the oldest universities in Europe Was founded in 1632 by the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf in the territory of Livonia under the name Academia Gustaviana The University consists of nine faculties (Theology Law Medicine

    Monument to love

    Location Monument to love or more correctly the fountain Kissing students is not accidental This small area of ​​the Estonian town of Tartu has long been a traditional point of visiting the newlyweds on their wedding day The first fountain was built

    Warm Lake

    In the Warm Lake lake complex is halfway between Pskov and Lake Peipsi Parameters ponds very impressive Its area is more than 200 square kilometers The maximum depth of the lake is up to 15 meters The interesting thing is that the lake belongs to

    Lake Peipsi

    Pond is considered part of the Baltic Sea The lake is a huge area in the three and a half thousand square kilometers Its width is about 50 kilometers and the length of more than 500 kilometers Itself a deep lake Found a place  wherein up to 15

    River bile

    The river of bile is not more than 100 kilometers The area of ​​its basin is about 1 200 square kilometers The origins of the river takes a village Yamm There you go by her court All the way to the lake complex river passes through several

    River CHERMEN

    Length Chermen very small It is about 45 kilometers The area of ​​its basin of about 200 square kilometers Considered part of the Baltic Sea The origins of the river takes between marshes dog moss and moss Tushynskiy Next to the Lake Peipsi river

    River Gdovka River

    River takes its origin from a small bog moss dog Its length is no more than 20 kilometers The basin area is about 150 square kilometers On its way to Lake Peipsi river passes through only one lake in size half Lake Antuhovo Gdovka River is located

    Kuna river

    Kuna river originates on flat terrain Verhneruche and moving to the west Its length is less than 15 kilometers All the way to Lake Peipsi on the banks of the river are several settlements The largest village Leonovschiny Merzlyakov

    Island Piirissaar

    The island covers an area of ​​7 8 square kilometers Islands in Estonia about three kilometers to the Russian bank of almost six kilometers On its territory there are three villages Toon Piyri and Saarland occupy the third part of the island Other
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