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    Monument to Ivan Shishkin

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-i-i-shishkinu
    Monument to Ivan Shishkin is located in Yelabuga Well known landscape painter who was born in this town lived here all his life his parents They have done a lot for Yelabuga participated in electrification water supply and sewerage facilities ... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monument trooper girl Durova NA

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-kavalerist-devit ...
    Monument trooper virgins Durov NA located in Yelabuga The first woman in the Russian army officer Nadezhda Durov was born in this city and died here in '82 Known native Yelabuga participated in the battles of Gutshadte   Heilsberg Frydlanda and... attractions, Cultural objects

    Shishkin ponds

    • /en/page/shishkinskie-prudy
    Shishkin ponds are located on the banks of the River Toima in Elabuga Recreation area consists of the promenade Staheeva nursery Shyshkіnym and square Ushakov Shishkin ponds bear the name of the father of the famous Russian artist Shishkin Ivan... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Trinity Cemetery

    • /en/page/troitskoe-kladbishche
    Trinity Cemetery is located in the central part of the city Elabuga The cemetery was founded in the late XVIII century by order of Empress Catherine II in the 1930s is a small fenced plot of land on which was a stone Trinity Church and  about... attractions, Cultural objects

    Cathedral in the name of the Saviour image

    • /en/page/kafedralnyj-sobor-vo-imya- ...
    Saviour Cathedral a large temple in the classical style has five chapters and three annexes It was built on the site of the wooden church It was consecrated in 1821 Temple artists painted Osokin Bruni and others Among the shrines of the temple the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Honeymoon Bridge in Yelabuga

    • /en/page/most-molodozhenov-v-elabug ...
    Honeymoon Bridge in Yelabuga a small ornamental bridge where traditionally hang locks bride The bridge was specially forged by blacksmiths for this purpose the castle hung on a hardened metal railing of the bridge symbolizes the same castle and the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Night club "Brooklyn" in Yelabuga

    • /en/page/nochnoj-klub-bruklin-v-ela ...
    Night club Brooklyn is located in Yelabuga Republic of Tatarstan There are well known and popular entertainment complex in the city In addition to a nightclub in the building of a cinema On two floors of the club are several zones five bars with a... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Lenin Square

    • /en/page/ploshchad-lenina-12
    City Yelabuga is perhaps the only example where urban architecture is dominated by old houses monuments sculptures not striking bright advertising The city is surrounded by greenery and a panorama of churches and examples of architecture of the XIX... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Monument Samovar

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-samovaru
    Monument to the old Russian samovar attribute tea ceremony was established in 2008 in Yelabuga on Lenin Square where is known as the Bread in front of hotel Toima This unusual monument in the city a symbol of the city merchants Author unusual ... attractions, Cultural objects

    Lovers Bridge in Alexander Garden

    • /en/page/most-vlyublennyh-v-aleksan ...
    Lovers Bridge in Alexander Garden a pedestrian bridge over a ravine in a city park in Yelabuga This peculiar who later became a wedding the bridge is completely hung with snaps many of which are engraved the names of the newlyweds If  Yelabuga... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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