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    Holy Lake

    Holy lake or awkwardly located near the village of Emetsk ten kilometers from the Antony of Siya Monastery This beautiful northern lake with clear water uses veneration among Orthodox Christians On the lake associated with many legends It is said

    Shidozerskoe Lake

    Shidozerskoe lake near the village Zabolote in the Arkhangelsk region in Kholmogorsky District Not far from the lake is the village Shidozero The water temperature in late July of not more than 20 degrees due to the fact that several sources 

    Shuleskoe Lake

    Zachachevskoe rural settlement is the official name of the Municipality Zachachevskoe and is a community Zachachevskoe formed in 2005 earlier in this territory were Emetsky district and county Emetsky Zachachevskoe rural settlement located on the

    Peter and Paul Church in Ratonavoloke

    Peter and Paul Church in Ratanavalok Kholmogory District of the Arkhangelsk region was built in 1722 Wooden church is a few log cabins longline set one upon the other The church is crowned by a tent with a head covered Narog   From the west to


    Chachozero Lake is located in the most southern point of Kholmogory District of the Arkhangelsk region Holmyrsky area is munіtsypіy education and administrative territorial unit and is a member of the Arkhangelsk Oblast Russia The administrative

    Chapel on the shores of Lake Spassky

    Chapel of the Saviour on the shore of the lake in Nyandomsky District Arkhangelsk region was built on the site of the old chapel of the Saviour which collapsed on time The initiators of the construction of the wooden chapel made a couple Savinykh


    Fitness center Velsk

    FLC fitness center in the city of Velsk whose construction began in 2007 and continued under the federal program Development of physical culture and sports in Russia On the construction of the complex has been spent around 39 million rubles at the

    Siya reserve

    Siya reserve is located in the Railway area of ​​the Arkhangelsk region near the village of Emetsk Is a national nature reserve under federal jurisdiction The reserve was created in 1988 by the decision of the Arkhangelsk Oblast Executive Committee

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