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    Rapid River

    Rapid River is the left sleeve of the Seversky Donets originates near the hamlet of Lenin near the town of Morozov Rostov region The path runs through the valley of the river but in spite of this during its rapid and tortuous and why it  got its

    Holy Krynica

    Source Holy Well is located on the banks of the River Kalіtva surrounded by beautiful and unspoiled nature Spring water is considered holy and healing and its history is covered with legends According to one legend people have long believed in the

    Farm Pogorelov

    Farm Pagarelaў with a population of more than 400 people is not only known for its beautiful countryside but Kayalskimi readings are held here annually Farm is located on the left bank of the river Kalіtva 15 kilometers to the east of the district

    Monument "My dear old"

    Monument My dear old appeared in White Kalіtva recently It is dedicated to all the grandparents who have passed the difficult years of the war This monument is located in a residential neighborhood Sunny He is depicted as a woman with a baby and a

    Park "Youth"

    Park Youth the second largest park in the White Kalіtva Here you can walk through the green alleys ride the rides visit the town beach A young park has several places where you can make beautiful photos on the memory At the entrance to the park

    Theatre Square in Belaya Kalitva

    Theatre Square the current downtown White Kalіtva It is not much different from other areas of Russian cities Lenin monument benches blue Siberian spruce and flower beds It is located next to the City Palace of Culture During the holidays

    Vvedensky temple in the city of Belaya Kalitva

    Vvedensky temple in the city of White Kalіtva this is a significant Orthodox church which is located in a small town in the Rostov region Vvedensky temple appeared in the White Kalіtva in the early XX century on the site was a wooden church on the

    Belokalitvenskyi historical museum

    Belaya Kalitva historical museum a small but very interesting museum that is dedicated to the history of the city of White Kalіtva and Rostov Region Belaya Kalitva historical museum was opened in September 1998 by the initiative group with the

    Suspension bridge on Pigarke

    Suspension bridge on Pigarke located in White Kalіtva Rostov Oblast Russia It is located on the river Kalіtva between White Kalіtva on the left bank and Avilova mountains on the right bank This hanging wooden bridge built in a beautiful

    Igor's Monument rati on guard-mount

    Igor's Monument rati on guard mount a black granite stele which was built in 1970 Sentry Mountain is one of the highest points in the city of White Kalіtva It was here in ancient times the Cossacks were carrying guard and burned signal fires Legend
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