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    Big Lake Orlov

    The area of ​​the lake is more than 30 hectares and the average depth 1 5 meters There are many beautiful lakes landscape features in the Ural floodplain For example the ancient and amazing relic extant chylіm His continuous thickets that cover the

    Lake Burano

    Great variety in landscape structure Sol Іletsk area make natural systems Ilek River the largest left bank tributary of the Ural The lake is located in a cliff high terrace on which stands an ancient village a village Storm The area of ​​the

    Serra do Ereré

    Shopping benfica

    Universidade federal do ceará



    History of the City Salt Іletsk inextricably linked to the production of salt and salt production One reason for that was the basis for the construction of settlements became inexhaustible deposits of rock salt which left its dome surface Іletsk

    Salt Lake Sol-Iletsk

    Salt Lake in Salt Іletsk plays host to thousands of visitors who want to experience weightlessness in salt water as well as improve their health because salt water cleanses the skin and mucous membranes Swim in the salt lake is especially

    Заправка Ex Oil

    grey grot


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