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    Lake Lake Kezenoyam

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    • Anho
    Lake Lake Kezenoyam (Blue or Big Trout Lake) occurred in ancient times as a result of a landslide which was formed after the giant dam and near the confluence of two small rivers and Kauhi Horsuma spilled alpine lake   Today two thirds of the... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Kazenoyam

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    • Anho
    Lake Kezenoyam this lake located on the border district of Vienna in the Chechen Republic and the Botlikh region of Dagestan on the slope Andyyskіh on the south side of the ridge at an altitude of 1869 meters above sea level On the situation on the... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Urgyuhhoy am

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    • Shatoj
    Thanks to its natural location the Chechen Republic has an excellent alpine climate with unique color Here among the mountains and valleys spread a lot of small but very picturesque lakes One lake Urgyuhhoy am  located in the valley of the river... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Andean Ridge

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    • Andi
    There in the north eastern part of the Caucasus Mountains amazing beautiful mountain range with peaks covered with snow whitest Andyyskіh spine This is one of the spurs of the Greater Caucasus near the main ridge constitute the most mountainous part... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Mountain Ashenete

    Ashen a mountain peak located in the Russian Federation in Nogent Yurt district of the Chechen Republic It refers to the Caucasus mountain range and altitude 1257 meters above sea level Near Mount Ashen located settlements This is the city of Grozny... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Cento am

    Not very big but picturesque lake Cento am located in the territory of the Chechen Republic in the Itum Kale district This area is a river gorge Cento York Height above sea level is 1000 meters The maximum depth of the lake reaches  10 meters... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Temple of Archangel Michael in Grozny

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    • Pionerskoe
    Temple of Archangel Michael Orthodox church located in Grozny The temple was founded Tserskae Cossacks in the XIX century construction began in 1868 and ended in 1890 The church is a building with three domes with adjacent bell tower with  the... attractions, Cultural objects
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