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    Manor Rimsky-Korsakov

    Manor Rimsky Korsakov is located in the village park Lubensk Manor and the entire park ensemble is a monument of federal significance At the end of the XIX century park was laid out and built the manor These data are taken on the basis of life of

    Noise-mound mountain

    Noise mountain a beautiful historic monument located on the banks of the River Meadows Its height is 14 meters and the base has a diameter of about 70 meters Structural noise mountain consists of two levels which allows you to compare it with the

    Recreation center "Aurora"

    Recreation center Aurora is situated 115 km on the Kiev highway south of St Petersburg near Luga The territory of the complex is guarded round the clock Amazing nature and ecologically clean area Center is a complex of comfortable cottages and

    Cheremenetsky John the Theologian Monastery

    Cheremenetsky John the Theologian monastery belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church and is located in the Leningrad region on the peninsula Cheremenetskogo lake The first mention of the monastery dates from the end of the XV century but the exact

    Lake Rakovicheskoe

    Rakovicheskoe Lake located about 147 kilometers from St Petersburg Not far from the lake there are towns Meadows mezhozernyh Kalganovka Rakavіchy and Old Syaredzіnka The length of the pond about 5 km a width of about 800 meters Coastline  mainly

    Lake Omchino

    Omchino Lake a small lake is cool which is located in the Luga district Leningrad region Pond appeared in the process of building the dam built on the south western outskirts of Lugano in 140 kilometers from St Petersburg to the south   The

    Zaplyusskoe Lake

    Zaplyusskoe Lake is located in the Pskov region and is one of the most famous bodies of water Priilmenskaya lowlands Near Zaplyusskogo lake is the village and the village Zaplyusye Zaplyusye Although the lake and occupies a large area 2 5 square

    River Oredezh

    The river flows Oredezh in the southwest of the Leningrad region and is a right tributary of the river Lugі called Finnish origin which can be interpreted as galloping horse With this river associated with many legends and mysteries Source of the

    Lake Song

    The lake is located in the song Zapolskaya parish that Plyusskі district of the Pskov region On its shore there are such villages as bands and Zapesene The total area of ​​the reservoir 485 ha maximum depth 3 1 meters the average depth is 1 5 meters

    Road bridge over the River Meadows

    Road bridge over the River Meadows is in the Novgorod region. Short duration, is able to withstand up to 50 tons of cargo. It offers views of the vast expanses of the river.In 2012, the bridge repaired.
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