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    Sanaksar Monastery

    On the left bank stands the Orthodox Christmas moksha Bagarodnіchnym Sanaksar Monastery The temple was built in 1659 in honor of Our Lady of Vladimir First all the buildings were made of wood but a hundred years later in 1759 began restoration work

    Lake Shelubey

    Tengushevsky District of Mordovia can be considered the heart of lakes and reservoirs It was here near the village of Shelub spilling oxbow lake of the same name Size of the lake is quite significant the length of 2200 meters and width 100 meters

    Lake Piyavskii

    Karst reservoir in the territory of Mordovia is Lake Piyavskii It was formed in the valley Yuzga is about 15 kilometers from the village of Ivanovka Water surface area of ​​the lake is Piyavskii 9 hectares Pond has an excellent location almost all

    Mordvinian Lake

    Mordovia region has long been famous for its abundance of beautiful lakes These include Mordovia lake or as it is called Lake Wade The lake was formed by the merger of some karst failures in the riverbed Vadok The lake is quite large it covers an

    Mordovia reserve

    Russian taiga zone has aroused much interest among its flora and fauna For this reason in 1935 to preserve the most rare instances of Mordovia Reserve was created It is located between the river Moksha and its right tributary   Satis His name is

    Mothers home

    Магаз У Чайки "Бонус"



    ЖД Гоголя 14

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