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    Railway station in Makhachkala

    The railway station of the city of Makhachkala is one of the most important North Caucasian railway junctions It is situated approximately 2 3 thousand kilometers from Moscow Hence trains in the direction of many cities and stations in Russia  

    Mountain Ahulgo

    Ahulgo a mountain peak located in the Russian Federation in Dagestan The top of the ring is surrounded by other mountains In its northern part on the Sulak is Salatau mountain in the eastern part Gimry spine in the west Andyyskіh spine   in the

    Mount Amir Court

    Mount Amir Court is located in the Chechen Republic in Nogent Yurt district on the right bank of the river Yariksu on the east of the village Baytarki in the North Caucasus It reaches 1 061 meters above sea level and is one of the mountains of the

    Andean Koisu

    Andyyskіh Koisu Georgia mountain river which is merging with the Avar Koisu forms Sulak River It is worth noting that most of the river water is at an altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level Interesting and basin with an area of ​​4810 square

    Karadahskaya Gorge

    Karadahskaya gorge is located in the Republic of Dagestan in the North Caucasian Federal District The nearest town city Karad Located between Khunzakh and Gunibskogo areas Karadahskaya Gorge is a unique natural monument of Dagestan which is often

    Chirkeyskaya Reservoir

    Chirkei reservoir is located on the river Sulak Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation Pond was built in parallel with the construction of hydroelectric Chirkei This artificial lake is the largest reservoir of the North Caucasus The name of

    Mountain Alburi Lam

    Alburi Lam a mountain peak located in Dagestan in the Kazbek district Its height is 2145 meters above sea level Gore gave Imam shimal after the tragic events when the war had killed two sons Alburi So Alburi Lam got its name Alburi was the

    Airport Uytash Airport

    Uytash Airport airport is named after twice Hero of the Soviet Union Amet Khan Sultan The airport belongs to the city of Makhachkala which is the capital of Dagestan Recognized as the main airport of the country Airport is located 4 5 kilometers


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