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    Saratov State Nature Reserve

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    • Mokrous
    Saratov State Nature Reserve is located in the district of Fedorovskoye area it stretches along the upper reaches of the river Eruslan The reserve was created in 1983 Protection reproduction and increase in the population of wild animals and birds... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Balakovo Airport

    Balakovo Airport is located in the Saratov region was inaugurated in 1984 in the winter got II level The first flight will take place in late summer 1985 Since 1987 the airport received 24 aircraft AN and later as 42 Tu 154 IL 76 On the AN 2 flights... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Sections plant in Balakovo

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    • Pylkovka
    Sections plant in Balakovo it is built which is a division of Severstal Russian Steel is a subsidiary of JSC Severstal It is located in CHP 4 within the bulls Otrogskogo municipality 263 km of  Samara Volgograd region Balakoўskay Saratov region... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Stadium "Trud"

    Stadium Trud in Balakovo one of the most famous tracks in Russia where competitions are held at the speedway The stadium which became the home ground for the club Turbine are major Russian and international competitions The stadium was built in 1965... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Gateways Balakovo

    Gateways Balakovo located near the street Chapaev in Balakovo Saratov region Construction of locks was started in 1962 simultaneously with the construction of the Saratov HPP dam blocked the river Volga and completed by 1968 First  shlyuzavanne... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Balakovsky Drama Theatre. E. Lebedev

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    • Podsosenki
    Balakoўskay Drama Theatre E Lebedev was established in 1997 Its creation came in a long time For many years the theater was not Balakovo Today the theater is very popular here and visitors from other cities to see the performances of  works of... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Cafe "Derby"

    Cafe Derby is the street of the Volga in the city of Balakovo Saratov region Cafe is located on the territory of cages with rabbits and chickens as well as the equestrian club Derby Club and a cafe named in honor of the most popular in the world of... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Bust Chapaev

    Chapaev bust installed in Balakovo in honor of the hero of the Civil War Vasily Chapaev was born in the village of Saratov region Childhood and adolescence future famous commander held in Balakovo where his parents had come in search of work  ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Eternal Flame Balakovo

    Eternal Flame Balakovo a place of remembrance for all residents and visitors to the city Balakovo Around him are always a lot of fresh flowers Fire burns day and night in memory of the fallen defenders of Balakovo in the Great Patriotic War Find... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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