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    Square near the Opera House

    • /en/page/skver-okolo-opernogo-teatr ...
    Opera and Ballet Theatre in Yekaterinburg one of the landmarks of the city Stately and classical elegance he attracts the attention of visitors and residents expressive appearance as well as beauty and convenience of the square adjacent to the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Aquapark Limpopo

    • /en/page/akvapark-limpopo-1
    Why Limpopo so attracted both children and adults Not only because of the abundance of entertainment (in addition to numerous entertainment attractions aqua classes are held here and akvaaerobіkі training sessions (sports synchronized swimming and... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    City dam on the river. Iset

    • /en/page/gorodskaya-plotina-na-r-is ...
    As it is impossible to imagine without Moscow's Red Square so it is impossible to imagine without Plotinka Ekaterinburg Locals such diminutive word called dam across the river Iset located in the city center Rowing one of the city's oldest buildings... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Wonderland Park "Galileo"

    • /en/page/park-chudes-galileo
    Located in a large two story pavilion Sverdlovsk Film Studio Park Wonderland Galileo offers visitors to become parties to the most experimental and tricks Here are allowed to touch everything pushing all the buttons pull levers  and of course at... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Manor Rastorguev-Kharitonov

    • /en/page/usadba-rastorguevyh-harito ...
    Yekaterinburg residents can be proud of there are a huge number of interesting museums theaters monuments parks and historic estates One of these is gonaraў manor Rastorguev Kharitonov created within  XVIII XIX centuries The organizer of the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Unfinished abandoned tower

    • /en/page/nedostroennaya-zabroshenna ...
    Yekaterinburg TV Tower is a telecommunications tower unfinished in the Sverdlovsk region Yekaterinburg Its construction was started in 1983 when the regional government decided to transfer all TELERADIOCOMMUNICATIONS to this place The project was... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Gorky Park. Mayakovsky

    • /en/page/tspkio-im-mayakovskogo
    Gorky Park Mayakovsky located in Ekaterinburg is an entertainment and park for recreation Located in the heart of the city covers an area of ​​94 hectares of which 70 are green Equipped with a variety of sites and attractions after which you ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Street Day

    • /en/page/ulitsa-pervomajskaya
    Day Street in the center of Yekaterinburg is a residential area between the street and the Student Gorky Street The total length of the street is 4 1 kilometers By 1919 the street was called Club Her education was in the 1730s at a time when space... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Zoo in Yekaterinburg

    • /en/page/zoopark-v-ekaterinburge
    Between the animals in the zoo most relationships they can be compared with human here and good neighborhood and friendship love and open They may scratch their backs to each other and why not Very friendly otters live almost all classes are... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Restaurant "Funny Magyars" in Yekaterinburg

    • /en/page/restoran-vesiolyj-madyar-v ...
    So continue to the Queen of Hungarian cooking paprika All specialties of foie gras veal kachynaga meat vegetables generously abmeshvae pepper from sweet to hot But if you are not a supporter of the critical culinary experiences as paprika offer ... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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