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    Tanya's Spa Village

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    • Sosenki

    Butovskii park

    Butovskii park is located in Moscow covers an area from Simferopol to the Kaluga road in the district of North and South Butovo and in the territory of the Leninsky district of Moscow region It was founded in 1935 Covers an area of ​​1   610... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Zedzar's Cloud

    Ulitsa Akademika Semenova

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    • Yazovo
    Ulitsa Akademika Semenova starts from bunіnskaga oil and extends to the border of Corporate Management Moscow The numbering of houses in the street Academician Semenov starts from bunіnskaga oil Its modern name was in the street  memory of the... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Street Academica Pontryagin

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    • Yazovo
    Street Academica Pontryagin continues south north and is located between the street and the street ostafevskoy Academician Semenov Received its name in memory of Soviet mathematicians Semenovich Pontryagin Lev Officially the name was approved by... attractions, Cultural objects

    Hovering in Yasenevo

    At the intersection of Prospect and Novoyasenevskaya Taruskuyu street near the metro station Yasenevo is one of the unusual monuments of the city of Moscow It is called Vita Yasenevo The authors of this amazing monument Marie became a sculptor... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Cinema "Boomerang" in Moscow

    • /en/page/kinoteatr-bumerang-v-moskv ...
    • Salariovo
    Cinema Boomerang in Moscow is one of the most popular theaters of the city It is located on 3 4 floors trade and leisure center Warsaw When theater works fine wardrobe where people can leave the robe Also  its territory is a cafe a bar and... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    The metro station "Teply Stan"

    • /en/page/stantsiya-metro-teplyj-sta ...
    • Salariovo
    Teply Stan was launched in 1987 as part of Kaluzhsko Riga line It is located between the stations Konkovo and Yasenevo The station is named after the eponymous district in whose territory Column station has three flights and is at a depth of 8... attractions, Cultural objects


    Square "Peter yard" in Moscow

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    • Yazovo
    Square Peter's Yard is located in front of house number 50 on the street Admiral Lazarev Moscow The whole exhibition northern capital has been created in the ordinary Muscovite court In a small alley installed a small copy of the Rostral Columns... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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