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    Aslikul Lake

    Aslikul is the largest lake which is located in the Republic of Bashkortostan It is located 27 kilometers north west of the city Davlekanovo Located in a wide trench between spurs Belebeevsky hill from the north east and surrounded by mountains ... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Kandrykul

    Kandrikul is the second largest lake in Bashkortostan which is located in Tuimazy area 25 kilometers south east of the city Tuimazy within the forest steppe zone The lake has a karst disastrous origin The waterfront and is a two terraces composed of... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    The top of the Balkans Tau

    Balkans Tau is the pinnacle which is located in Davlekanovskiy area Bashkortostan near Bugulmino Belebeyevski elevation Located near Lake Aslikul There is growing very large variety of rare species of flora Balkantau recognized botanist... attractions, Natural Attractions


    Aslikul is the largest lake in the Republic of Bashkortostan is located 27 km north west of the city Davlekanovo in a wide valley between the north eastern spurs Belebeevsky hill and is surrounded by mountains Tabulak Ulu elm Ulutau Belek elm  ... attractions, Natural Attractions
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