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    Bele Lake

    Lake Bele a large lake in the territory Shirinsky district in the northern part of Khakassia The lake consists of two parts Large and Small Bele Bele connected by a narrow strait Water area Greater Reach is 52 square meters km the average depth 17 m

    Lake Shira

    Lake Shira is considered one of the places of tourist pilgrimage not only residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory but also many visitors to the region Pond is located in Shira region of Khakassia and is a water filled rock depressions Distance of the


    Pisanitsa is in Bogradsky District (Khakassia in the mountain range Boyars (in Hakaskі Poyar iғ Holy Mountain ) along a tributary of the Yenisei River River Dry sure Pisanitsa consists of two groups of rock paintings these Big and Small 

    Lake Shunet

    Shunet lake located in the Shira district of the Republic of Khakassia in a deep valley 7 km south of Lake Shira It is part of a group of lakes Shira and lies at an altitude of 390 meters above sea level Water surface area of ​​46 hectares the

    Lake Shira

    Lake Shira Shira is located in the region of Khakassia in a shallow mountain basin 12 kilometers from the station Shire At 3 kilometers from Lake Shira is Itkul 8 km Lake belyaў This meromictic lake surrounded by forest Dry steppe climate combined

    Lake Utichye-3

    Utichye 3 is salt byasstsekavae lake located in the Shira district of the Republic of Khakassia 23 kilometers to the east of the resort Lake Shira It is the largest in the group Utichye lakes and is one of belyaў Shirinsky lakes Water surface area

    Lake Itkul in Khakassia

    Itkul lake located in the Shira district of the Republic of Khakassia 3 km to the northwest of Lake Shira and included in the group Shirinsky lakes Shores consist of gravel and only in the southern part they are made of white sand In the south

    Lake Dzhirimskoe

    Dzhirimskoe this lake Chulimno Enіseyskay valley it is located in the Republic of Khakassia Shira district 10 kilometers to the east of the rotation belyaў lake in the eastern part of the village Giro Included in the group belyaў Shirinsky inland

    Bitter Lake in Bogradsky District Khakassia

    Bitter (May Day) lake a bitter salty byasstsekavae lake located on the south east Chulyma Enіseyskay valley 4 5 kilometers west of the village of May Day in the Republic of Khakassia Bogradsky District Water surface area of ​​2 8 square kilometers
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