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    Manor Khudekov

    Museum Reserve Manor SN Khudekov is located in the village of Erlin Korablinsky region Ryazan region Since the second half of the XVIII century and belonged until 1887 called representatives of the genus Іvіnskaya The first owner of the estate Major

    Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Temple of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is an active Orthodox church in the village Voslebovo Ryazan region The first wooden church appeared in the birthplace of Boyar Romanov in the village Voslebovo in the early XVII century In 1802 the

    Church of the Annunciation in the caper

    Church of the Annunciation in the village Kolintsy Ryazan region was built in the early 19th century The temple is distinguished by its slender silhouette yarusnaga On the west side topped by a high bell tower which is connected to the main

    Skopinskaya Deanery

    Skopinskaya dabrachynnya is Skopinskaya county diocese Its boundaries coincide with territorial borders Skopinsky municipal district located in the northwestern part of the Ryazan region In 2011 twenty treated Skopinskaya Provost  two temples

    The village of Alexander Nevsky

    The village of Alexander Nevsky is in the same area of ​​the Ryazan region of Russia the administrative center It is located on the left bank of the picturesque river Hupta in the southern part of the Ryazan oblasti Pervie data about the settlement

    The river becomes Cassock

    The river is flowing robe in the Lipetsk and Ryazan regions and is a tributary of the river Voronezh The length of the river is more than 100 kilometers and drainage area more than two thousand square kilometers The river becomes robe originates

    The village Podvislovo

    Podvislovo village located in the Ryazan region Russia and is a member of Poplevinskogo poseleniya Kolichestvo rural people who live in the village according to the results of the 2010 census only 331 The village was first mentioned in the XVII

    Sapozhkovskaya religious school

    Sapozhkovskaya religious school was opened September 3 1816 and is housed in two historic buildings Education in the school was a four year which for years was eight years old After college graduates can enroll in seminary The school taught 

    Temple of St. George in New Kielce

    Orthodox church of St George one of the famous landmarks in the Ryazan region belongs to the Diocese of Ryazan and Kasimov The first mention of the church is found in sources as early as 1754 At that time it was made of wood and in 1840 was

    Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Lopatino

    Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin orthodox ancient temple which is located in the village of Lopatino Ryazan region Refers to Skopinskaya deaneries Diocese of Ryazan and Kasimov Originally the church was made of wood and was called the
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