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    Red Hill

    Red Hill was called in ancient times Kudimkarskim settlement which existed in the period from VII to the XVII century This area is a monument rodanovskoy archaeological culture Red Hill also given the status of a monument of archeology  federal... attractions, Cultural objects

    Kungur Ice Cave

    • /en/page/kungurskaya-ledyanaya-pesh ...
    • Plehanovo
    Kungur Ice Cave one of the most popular attractions of the Urals is a natural monument nationwide significance By definition the scientists the age of the cave 10 12 thousand years During this time as a result of numerous landslides vaults most... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Heavenly Festival Fair

    • /en/page/festival-nebesnaya-yarmark ...
    • Plehanovo
    Heavenly Fair a unique Festival of Ballooning which is held annually in the small Urals city Kungur (Perm region) In early 2004 the first time the city turned the team competition the so called air battles   Pavetraplavalnіkі divided into the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Казанская Трифонова женская пустынь

    • /en/page/kazanskaya-trifonova-zhens ...
    • Nikiforovo

    Памятник Ленину

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-leninu-7
    • Kungur

    Monument pioneers Kungursky edge

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-pervoprohodtsam- ...
    • Kungur
    Monument pioneers Kungurskaya edge located on the street Karl Marx city Kungur The monument was made of marble metal and brick in 1989 1990 the masters of the cooperative Bylina by designer and architect Nazirova AZA copy of the rook Cossack Ataman... attractions, Cultural objects

    Railway station "Kungur"

    • /en/page/zheleznodorozhnyj-vokzal-s ...
    • Kungur
    Railway station Kungur located on the street of the city Kungur Bachurina Station building project was drawn up in 1906 by the architect Felix Volsovim by popular demand merchants to establish a Trans Siberian railway which  passes through the... attractions, Cultural objects

    City Government Kungur

    • /en/page/gorodskaya-uprava-v-kungur ...
    • Kungur
    Building of the former City Council located on the street Karl Marx city Kungur Stone three story building was built in the 1820s in the classical style The means to construct buildings donated by several merchants and commoners The first floor of... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Mansion Makarov Kungur

    • /en/page/osobnyak-makarovyh-v-kungu ...
    • Kungur
    Makarova mansion located on the street Karl Marx city Kungur A two storey stone house with outbuildings and a cellar was built in the early 1880s Anna N Makarova who was the owner of the house rent it The first floor was occupied  store and on... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Church of the Transfiguration in Kungur

    • /en/page/preobrazhenskaya-tserkov-v ...
    • Kungur
    Transfiguration Church located on the street Ural city Kungur Is the only temple throughout the Kungurskaya edge which is crowned Groin five domes Construction of the church was started in 1773 Two tiers of windows five domed two story building of... attractions, Cultural objects
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