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    Sylva River

    Sylva River the largest tributary of the Chusavoy For Silva good transport access clean water and the wild beauty of its shores Fast and deepest pretty early in the summer just after snowmelt river flows among the picturesque steep banks Beautiful


    Kama HPP one of the most important elements of the Volga Kama cascade hydropower stations It is located in the north eastern part of the city of Perm Complex structures plant includes a reinforced concrete spillway dam which is one  integrally

    Architectural-Ethnographic Museum "Khokhlovka"

    Near the village of Khokhlovka on a green cape rises above the waters of the Kama Reservoir is a picturesque wooden town Architectural and Ethnographic Museum His exposition is spread in the open air and calling visitors to plunge into  a world

    Red Hill

    Red Hill was called in ancient times Kudimkarskim settlement which existed in the period from VII to the XVII century This area is a monument rodanovskoy archaeological culture Red Hill also given the status of a monument of archeology  federal

    River Usva

    River flows in Usva Chusavoy its length is 266 km the average depth is from a half to two meters When heavy rains the river becomes very affluent covered with ice from November to April or the beginning of mine Has many tributaries some of them the

    Chusovaia River

    Chusovaia River flows in the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions as well as in the Perm region There tributary of the Kama Begins in Asia on the eastern side slopes of the Ural mountain range crosses it and then goes to the European part of Russia

    Kama Reservoir

    Vyatskіya Reservoir a body of water which is located in Perm Krai in the Russian Federation Was formed on the Kama River after the construction of hydroelectric Kama Reservoir became operational in 1954 immediately after the completion of the dam

    The village of Red Sludka

    Red Sludka village village located on the banks of the River Chusavoy In addition to its breathtaking scenery village famous for its wonderful history In 2010 there was held a rock concert Stairway to Heaven There is also filmed the film Volga Volga

    Цiрюльня "Фаворiтъ"

    Орджоникидзевский районный суд

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