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    Water Tower, Borodino

    Tap Tower in Borodino is primarily an unusual architectural monument than a technical construction The prototype was the famous tower Kampanilla bell tower installed in 1514 in Venice Campanella noticeable resemblance to the naked eye the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Bogoroditsky Palace Museum

    An architectural heritage of the city of the same name is Bogoroditskaya Bagarodzіtskі Palace Museum as well as the surrounding park The ensemble is situated on the bank of a pond formed by the river stubborn Palace Museum is located in the former... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    English Park in Yasnaya Polyana

    English Park in Yasnaya small and elegant Square built in the English style The owners of the park called him aglitski garden Square smashed by decree NS Volkonskie in place deep bare beams In this park Tolstoy loved to walk it's all here reminded... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Kucherskaya hut

    Kucherskaya house or cottage coachman who stands in the village of Yasnaya Polyana in the Tula region is a very strong log house with a roof made of straw It consists of two rooms porch and a living room The room is a real Russian  oven benches... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    White kitchen in Yasnaya Polyana

    White kitchen in Yasnaya Polyana is one of the economic additions which are located in the Museum Estate of Leo Tolstoy It is located close to the residential wing of the building appeared in the period between 1870 and 1900 years It was during... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Great Pond in Yasnaya Polyana

    Great Pond in Yasnaya Polyana is located at the entrance to the estate This reservoir has appeared on the estate at the end of the XVII century so he rightly considered one of the oldest waterworks Yasnaya Polyana It is believed that this pond... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Outbuilding Kuzminskaya in Yasnaya Polyana

    Outbuilding Kuz'minskii in Yasnaya which it reached our time architectural ensemble of the estate which consists of a large house and two outbuildings It is in the Big House was born and spent his childhood writer It is known that in the wing... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Station "nodes"

    Station Vuzlavaya the first station in the city Vuzlavaya created as vuzlavuyu point Khrushchev Ryazhsk Vyazemskij railway It was officially opened in 1873 and four years later in 1977 the city was named in her honor Vuzlavaya Station Vuzlavaya is... attractions, Cultural objects

    Steam locomotive monument FD-20

    Steam locomotive monument PD 20 1535 installed on the station Vuzlavaya 1 in the Tula region near the train station Steam locomotive built in 1934 in the city of Kolomna locomotive depot During the war it transported military cargo For the first... attractions, Cultural objects

    Alley "Preshpekt"

    One has only to go through the gate at the entrance to Yasnaya Polyana as before your eyes opens a spectacular perspective stretching into the distance along the rows of ancient trees lead the way in the dense shade This is the famous Yasnaya... attractions, Cultural objects
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