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    Railway station "Leo Tolstoy"

    Railway station Leo Tolstoy (former name Astapova ) is the nodal in the Lipetsk region It is located in the village of Tolstoy at the intersection of railway lines that go from Troekurovo Eltsa and Ranenburg from Smolensk The station became famous

    Nativity Cathedral

    Nativity Cathedral is located on the central square called the Cathedral in the city of Lipetsk it was the architect Tommaso Adolin Construction of the cathedral was begun in 1791 and the construction of the temple of Christ Cathedral was completed

    Street Skorokhodova

    Skorokhodova Street one of the oldest streets in Lipetsk known for old plans Lipetsk from the end of the XVIII century Finally street was formed as a result of major restructuring which was held in Lipetsk in the first half of the XIX century This

    Lipetsk settlement

    Ancient city of Lipetsk is an ancient place which had traces of human life are located in the city It is located on a hill a rounded shape at the mouth of the Stone log For the first time scientists' attention is drawn to the place  the early

    River Lipovka

    Lіpaўka a small river in the territory of Lipetsk the name of which was the name of the city Many old timers prefer another name of the river Lipets because it is as it was called in ancient times The river is a little more than three kilometers

    Komsomolsk pond

    Komsomolsk pond in Lipetsk was founded in 1703 as a result of the device dam in the river bed Lіpaўka which was necessary for the needs of only built ironworks That is why over the centuries wore rates  another name the Upper Pond Ironworks

    Lower Park

    Lower Park one of the favorite places of recreation for residents of Lipetsk It is the largest urban park which is very popular His creation of the park shall emperor Peter the Great who during a stop in Lipetsk in the midst of the Azov

    Petrovsky Passage

    Petrovsky Passage the historic highway is one of the oldest streets in Lipetsk It looks great on the plan of the city which dates back to 1787 year In this regard the street connects the Upper Pond Dam with the Cathedral located above the mountain

    Lipetsk Zoo

    Lipetsk Zoo is almost the main attraction of the Lower Park Lipetsk It was founded in 1973 on the basis of nature corner which was based in the park Since then the area of ​​the zoo has expanded significantly and today covers  more than four

    Lipetsk iron works

    In 1973 in the Lower Park Lipetsk on the former site of the office ironworks was a monument dedicated to the emergence of metallurgy in Lipetsk The history of steel production in Lipetsk has more than three centuries Solution  on the
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