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    Zainsk Reservoir

    Zaіnsk reservoir was founded in 1963 on the river Steppe Zai Its length from north to south is about 12 kilometers Width on the north side near the dam more than two kilometers Zaіnsk reservoir volume is about 63 million cubic  meters and the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Zainskaya GRES

    Zaіnsk TPP stands for State District Power Plant It was named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR Tatenergo Is the largest thermal power plant kandensatsyynay Tatarstan which is located in walking distance from Zaіnsk  Zaіnsk reservoir... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Holy spring with a font in the village "Sheremetevka"

    The village Sheremetevka 40 kilometers from Nizhnekamsk is Holy spring with Cupello With its history connected one tradition It shows that the rural peasant saw swimming in the creek icon of John the Baptist with a lighted candle The farmer told... attractions, Cultural objects

    The village Sheremetevka

    Sheremetevka village a village in the district of the Republic of Tatarstan Nizhnekamsk Before the revolution it was called Bogorodskoe and in Soviet times received its present name The first mention of the village belongs to the XVII century when... attractions, Cultural objects

    Cafes in sports and business complex "Invision"

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    • Kadyrovo
    Cafes in sports and business complex Fedotov located in the village Fedotov Zaіnsk district the republic of Tatarstan This complex is known to modern sports equipment professional mountain slopes and high quality service   Sports and business... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Ski resort "Invision"

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    • Kadyrovo
    Ski resort Fedotov is near the village of the same name near the city of Naberezhnye Chelny It is a modern sports and business center equipped with a system of artificial snow night lighting and infrastructure     Base attracts lovers of... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Shopping center "Orange" in Naberezhnye Chelny

    Shopping center Orange in Naberezhnye Chelny built in a modern style according to the latest standards has a high level of service The construction is made in the European style with high tech systems Located on the Avenue Syuyumbike Building 29 has... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Kazan Cathedral in Almetyevsk

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    • Nagornoe
    Kazan Cathedral is located on Prospect Builders Borisov For the construction of the Cathedral of the city administration in 2000 has been allocated a large plot of land By 2007 the construction of the temple was completed The two storey building of... attractions, Cultural objects

    The mosque named RG Galeev in Almetyevsk

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    • Nagornoe
    Mosque them RG Galeeva located on the street S Mardzhani Borisov Named in honor of Rinat Galeev who made the greatest contribution to its creation In 1990 the construction of the mosque was started and lasted for 9 years it was conducted under the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Bridge lovers in Almetyevsk

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    • Nagornoe
    Bridge lovers Borisov - urban local landmark. It is a small cable-stayed bridge, located on the stage of urban ponds.The bridge is traditionally held the wedding, and young couples fix their love with the help of locks, which hung on the bridge.... attractions, Natural Attractions
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